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Established in 1993, American Veterinariansí
Insurance Services is an independent insurance
agency that is dedicated to working with and
solving the complex insurance needs of
Veterinarians and their clinics.

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The importance of health insurance cannot be understated. At a time when medical costs continue to rise, it is more important than ever to make sure you are covered. The increasing costs have lead to innovative new products designed to help control costs but these new products can often times be complicated to understand. It is our promise to review all of the options and make sure we find the best plan that meets your needs.


A relatively low cost insurance product designed to help offset the high costs of dental care. When choosing a dental plan the most important feature is determining how the plan pays out of network benefits. More and more dentists are pulling away from network contracts. Getting stuck with a plan that does not pay well out of network can result in higher than expected out of pocket expenses.


A very affordable insurance product that can usually be added for less than $9 a month. Vision insurance is an important product even for those who do not wear glasses as many other health concerns can be diagnosed from a simple vision exam such as diabetes, tumors and high blood pressure to name a few. For those who do wear glasses or contacts the insurance pays for itself as long as you get your annual exam each year and you come out ahead if you use it to purchases glasses or contacts.


An unexpected loss of income to a family or business due to death can be devastating. It is important when reviewing life insurance that you work with an advisor that will help you not only calculate your needs but who will also explore all of the various options available to you. As life expectancy continues to increase the cost of life insurance is the one insurance product that has statistically become cheaper. It is important to review your life insurance periodically to insure you have the best products and price available for you.


Often overlooked disability insurance is just as important as life insurance as it insures your ability to continue to earn an income. As a professional it is essential that the disability insurance you purchase covers what you work so hard to obtain, your veterinary degree. Statistics show a disabling accident occurs every second in the US.

Long Term Care

Planning ahead for future living expenses is important. Long Term Care insurance goes beyond standard hospitalization and nursing care. Product advancements now allow you to meet multiple needs by combining long term care and life insurance needs into one product.

Workers Compensation

>Reviewing this product at least every two years is essential to making sure your needs are met. It is just as important that you work with an agent that will review the entire market to make sure you have access to the most competitive offers available.

Business Liability

Insurance that protects your business assets in the event of a claim. This is another insurance product that is recommended to be reviewed every two years. Because of the exposure veterinary clinics have working with the public, it is increasingly important to maintain adequate coverage for their business.

Find out what others have been saying about our company:

I have been with American Veterinarians' Insurance Providers, Inc. for about 22 years. Just over a year after obtaining a policy, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Bert, and his staff, were unfailingly helpful with any and all questions that I had. Their professionalism and caring allowed me to focus on my health instead of having to be preoccupied with the tedium of insurance. This has remained true over the past 20 years. I fully depend on Bert and Philip, and their staff, for accurate information and individually relevant advice.

Dr. Janet Tomlin

American Veterinariansí Insurance Services has been instrumental to the growth of my business. They have guided me in the complicated world of employee insurance plans and have also always helped my employees when they had questions. The whole office is very friendly and are always just a phone call away. I would not think of doing business with anyone else.

M. Duffy Jones, DVM
Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital

Bert takes the time to explain all of our options and offers plans with competitive benefits and premiums. We are very happy with the service he and his team provides.

Island Hammock Pet Hospital
Key Largo, FL

I have worked with Bert Jacobs and his staff since 2001. He has helped me find life insurance to back my financing of a veterinary practice, find affordable disability policies for my staff, has given advice on health insurance over the years, and will guide me through the coming changes in health care. Mr. Jacobs and his staff have always been helpful and respectful, and I continue to trust their advice.

Jean De Jong

Mr. Bert Jacobs has been providing me with my life and disability insurance needs for over 15 years. As a practicing veterinarian, I feel is it important to have a personal relationship with an insurance agent that is familiar with the veterinary profession. Through the years my needs have changed, and Mr. Jacobs has been able to give me sound advice on the best plans that are also the most cost effective. From the time I was an associate veterinarian, fresh out of school and newly married, Mr. Jacobs has helped me through the transition from associate to part owner and now to full owner of a multi doctor practice. I feel like the staff at American Veterinarian Insurance are able to understand my needs, do the research of the plans available and give me the information to make decisions on the insurance I need to protect my practice, myself and my family. I would recommend the friendly agents of American Veterinarian Insurance to any veterinarian, at whatever stage of practice they are at, to understand the needs of that veterinarian and help find a plan to best suit them.

C. Adam Carter
Enterprise, AL

I am writing on behalf of Bert Jacobs and staff. American Veterinariansí Insurance Services, Inc. represented my old hospital where I was employed, so when I opened up my own practice, I asked them to set up insurance plans for our hospital. Although we were a much smaller scale, I still felt like I was given full attention for our small hospital needs. The front desk is awesome and helpful. Penny always helped me at a momentsí notice. Our age ranges are way dispersed, but they came up with plans that have benefited everyone. And based on our various needs they have always come up with options to benefit everyone. In spite of the fact that we are a tiny start up practice, I felt like this office treated us as if we had 100 people. They spent so much time in helping us come up for a plan that would work for the few employees we have. But even as small as we are, I felt like I received 100% from them. With the new Health Care Plan being so confusing, I have faith that Bert and Philip will come up with a plan for me and my employees that fits our needs. I trust them to muddle through the healthcare swamp and keep us in line with the truth-however muddy that may be.

Jeanne Travis, DVM

We have been working with Bert Jacobs and the team at American Veterinarians insurance for more than a decade now. They are friendly, knowledgeable, easily accessible and eager to be helpful in any situation. Bert has been sure to review our needs yearly and find us the best possible insurance for our ever changing hospital and employee base. It's nice to know if we have a question they are literally only a phone call away. Highly recommended!

Dr. Melissa Farrar

Bert Jacobs and his staff have been helping me and my clinic for more than 10 years. I consider them friends as well as "business partners". He and his staff always have time for questions and are prompt in responding to any concerns I might have. Insurance options are explained clearly and Bert is great about helping me find the options that are right for me. American Veterinarians is a definite asset to my business and I strongly recommend their services.

Samuel G Harper, DVM
Harper's Animal Clinic
Americus, GA 31709

I have had AVMA insurance since I started vet school in 1978. Bert Jacobs became my AVMA insurance rep when I opened my practice in Dacula Ga. in 1986. Bert has handled my personal insurance as well as that of my associates and even handled half a dozen group and individual plans for my employees. Insurance has always been one of the biggest headaches in managing a practice and Bert and his associates have always been there to handle my insurance problems so that I could concentrate on running my practice.

My daughter and I have had multiple health problems for a number of years. My daughter has suffered with diabetes and chronic migraines for the past twelve years and I can not express in words the gratitude I and my family have for the efforts Burt and his staff put forth to make the system move forward when it seemed that all the insurance companies wanted to do was stall and procrastinate. Without their help I am sure we would still be negotiating to get her treatments today. Burt was a great insurance agent but after the efforts he has put forth on behalf of me and my family he has proved to be an even better friend.

Dr. Tim Montgomery

We as Vets are in a personal service business. People come to us because they trust us, and because of our reputation and the steadfast way we provide services. Thatís the description I would give to Bert Jacobs: steadfast, courteous, caring, professional, extremely knowledgeable, with a top notch staff. Anybody can sell you insurance and disappear. But what if you need guidance and a go between with the insurance carrier? Or personal, pro-active communication? He and his staff do a great job. If you have a problem they look into it and they will take care of it. Thatís what you want. Thatís what youíll get. Iíve known Bert for over 20 years. Top notch guy. When I started using Bert for insurance, he called and asked what I needed and what he could do to help. He set up my Major Medical insurance through the AVMA and advised on Plan choices, helped me obtain the personalized vision and dental plans that were best for our situation, and he has stayed in contact about the new provisions for the Affordable Health Care Act. As my wife and I are approaching age 65, Bert will be assisting us in decisions related to Medicare Plans, and supplemental insurance. I am grateful for his sage advice, and would recommend him without hesitation.

Richard L. Berta, DVM

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