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The importance of health insurance cannot be understated. At a time when medical costs continue to rise, it is more important than ever to make sure you are covered. The increasing costs have lead to innovative new products designed to help control costs but these new products can often times be complicated to understand. It is our promise to review all of the options and make sure we find the best plan that meets your needs.

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A relatively low cost insurance product designed to help offset the high costs of dental care. When choosing a dental plan the most important feature is determining how the plan pays out of network benefits. More and more dentists are pulling away from network contracts. Getting stuck with a plan that does not pay well out of network can result in higher than expected out of pocket expenses.

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A very affordable insurance product that can usually be added for less than $9 a month. Vision insurance is an important product even for those who do not wear glasses as many other health concerns can be diagnosed from a simple vision exam such as diabetes, tumors and high blood pressure to name a few. For those who do wear glasses or contacts the insurance pays for itself as long as you get your annual exam each year and you come out ahead if you use it to purchases glasses or contacts.

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Life insurance can be easily summarized as “peace of mind’ insurance knowing that when that time comes a financial hardship will not be left behind.

Another unique characteristic of life insurance is the tax free liquidity of the death benefit. Its another example of a “peace of mind” benefit that lets you rest assured that if you purchase a $1 million dollar policy that is exactly what will be paid to your beneficiary upon death.

Life insurance policies are complex but can be broken down into 2 basic categories: Term Insurance & Permanent Insurance.

Term Insurance is a temporary policy that is used to meet a specific need over a defined period of time. The policy will only pay if death occurs in that defined period of time. Term policies can vary in length but most commonly appear in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year increments. Level term insurance allows the insured to pay a fixed monthly premium over the life of the policy which makes budgeting life insurance costs much easier. Once the policy has reached its limit many term policies will allow for the insured to convert the policy on a guaranteed basis without the proof of insurability. This is a key aspect of term insurance to insure that at the end of the life of the policy you are not left without any coverage

Most Common Uses of Term Insurance include:

  • Family Planning – Income Replacement
  • Mortgage/Loan Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Partnership Agreements

Click here to access a Life Insurance Calculator, courtesy of the nonprofit organization, Life Happens.

Permanent Insurance provides a lifetime benefit payable upon death. Permanent insurance can vary widely but most commonly there is a cash value that accumulates with the life of the policy. Most permanent insurance policies provide a guaranteed death benefit and as the market changes many also provide an ability to access that death benefit early if there is a need for long term care or terminal illness.

Most Common Uses of Permanent Insurance include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Burial Insurance

Finding the right policy that meets your needs can be a complex process. With over 20 years of experience and access to hundreds of insurance products we can help you navigate this process. Let us find the best plan that fits your needs.

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Often overlooked disability insurance is just as important as life insurance as it insures your ability to continue to earn an income. As a professional it is essential that the disability insurance you purchase covers what you work so hard to obtain, your veterinary degree. Statistics show a disabling accident occurs every second in the US.

Click here to access a Disability Insurance Calculator, courtesy of the nonprofit organization, Life Happens.

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Reviewing this product at least every two years is essential to making sure your needs are met. It is just as important that you work with an agent that will review the entire market to make sure you have access to the most competitive offers available.

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